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IAFF Election Results

The PFANJ congratulates IAFF General President Elect Edward "Edzo" Kelly and General Secretary-Treasurer Frank Lima on their elections.

The results are official when the 55th Convention reconvenes at 1:00 p.m. (ET) on March 10, 2021, and the Election Committee Chair reports the results to the delegates.

The PFANJ also thanks PFANJ 1st Vice President Anthony Tarantino for serving on the Election Committee.

The result of the election is as follows:

General President:

  • Edward A. Kelly: 146,727 votes
  • Mahlon Mitchell: 114,518 votes

General Secretary-Treasurer:

  • Frank Lima: 178,292 votes
  • James “Jake” Lemonda: 45,603 votes
  • Greg B. Markley: 36,505 votes

9th District Vice President:

  • Michael “Big Mike” Frainier: 8,384 votes
  • Rusty McAllister: 3,687 votes

10th District Vice President:

  • Stephen Gilman: 25,983 votes
  • Domingo “Alby” Albarran: 15,625 votes

11th District Vice President:

  • R.L. “Sandy” McGhee III: 13,784 votes
  • Patrick M. “Marty” Lancton: 9,730 votes

16th District Vice President:

  • James B. Johnson: 2,276 votes
  • Reid Shimabukoro: 804 votes

Region 2 Trustee (Eastern U.S.):

  • Mark Ouellette: 69,902 votes
  • Daniel Fortuna: 58,447 votes