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Dear Brothers and Sisters,After discussions with the PFANJ Executive Board, we feel that is best to act with an abundance of caution and cancel the March 2020 State Meeting scheduled for March 19. Professional firefighters and EMS personnel are accustomed and expected to lead by example, and this decision certainly reflects that.The PFANJ Executive Board will be conducting a phone conference to bring the board up to date with the latest COVID-19 situation and conditions. The PFANJ has been in re...
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300 PFANJ/IAFF Members to Lose Jobs with Dissolution of MONOC

Dear Brothers & Sisters,On Thursday, January 23, 2020, the Board of Directors of MONOC, historically New Jersey’s largest private, unionized EMS provider, voted unanimously to dissolve their company and transfer their services to other non-union providers. The shutdown of MONOC leaves 300 dedicated emergency medical personnel – International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) union members – out of a job. This decision places profits above service and makes millions of New Jersey residents ...
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"The Thomas P. Canzanella 21st Century First Responders Protection Act" Cancer Presumption Bill Passes Assembly Appropriations Committee

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 Cancer Presumption Bill Clears State Assembly Appropriations CommitteeDear Brothers & Sisters,We are a step closer to having cancer presumption legislation a reality and law in New Jersey. Earlier today, the State Assembly Appropriations Committee passed Bill A1741/S716 “The Thomas P. Canzanella 21st Century First Responders Protection Act.” All but one member of the eleven-member Committee voted yes.The next step is to have it voted on in the State Assembly and Senate. Once passed thr...
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Victory! Fire Fighter Cancer Registry Act Signed Into Law


Culminating more than two years of intense lobbying and hard work by the IAFF and its leadership, President Donald Trump has signed the Firefighter Cancer Registry Act of 2018 (H.R. 931) into law. With this final action, the federal government takes the first steps towards establishing a one-of-a-kind national cancer registry specifically for fire fighters.With President Trump’s signature, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is now directed to undertake the collection of detailed data on the o...
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New Jersey Fire Safety Organization Joins Build with Strength Amidst Push to Reform State Building Codes

Build with Strength, a coalition of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association comprised of fire service professionals, engineers, architects and industry experts, is pleased to welcome the Professional Fire Fighters Association of New Jersey to the coalition.In August, the Brigantine Beach Fire Company, located in Atlantic County, New Jersey, joined the growing coalition of statewide organizations committed to stronger building codes, and a more resilient New Jersey.“Stronger building codes ...
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FIRST Center Announces 5 Latest Fire and EMS Research Endeavors

Drexel University’s Center for Firefighter Injury Research and Safety Trends (FIRST) is a research enterprise dedicated to supporting the U.S. fire and rescue service through the collection of objective data and analysis. FIRST recently announced five important new research projects, including efforts to study stress in EMS aspects of firefighting and how to keep better track of occupational illnesses and injuries.The first major announcement concerned a new FEMA R&D grant to study stress an...
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Communications Breakdowns Placing NJ Citizens & EMS Providers at Risk

New Jersey Deserves communications that work.. For everyone's safety
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Internet and Website Safety Tips

Internet and Website Safety Tips
Though there have been many scares about what can happen to children or teenagers on the internet, adults should be safe as well. There is no limit to the amount of risk adults come in contact with such as sexual predators, criminals who are seeking out your personal information on social networking sites, buying habits, frequently used sites, and many others.Here are some tips to help prevent you from being a target:Do not share things such as email addresses, usernames and passwords.Do not use...
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